The last for that the big blocks of stone take, the journey they live and the effort required in their production fascinates us. It responds to the effort that you show…If you treat it harshly, just because its marble, its hard and heavy, it suddenly breaks; reminding you that there is more to it than meets the eye. This is our fellowship and emotional bond with the marble.

Marble is not just a natural stone for us; It holds meaning. The marble withholds its centuries old history in its texture and color; and you can feel it the second you hold it in your hands. It already has a long story until the time it reaches you. When marble’s path crosses with ours, we just add our own touch and make it meet with its lover for the story to go on.

In Islam, mosques and prayer rooms are the key drivers of art. The magnificent structures that make you think how they were built with the technology of their era and the materials, together with the fine craftsmanship and handicraft on them that are used to build these structures still amazes us today.

Klasik Mermer has always believed in sincerity and craftsmanship. It became a legacy passed to us from our father and a school where many craftsman had their apprenticeship.

As the years passed by, our company invested in necessary technology. Apart from our experienced craftsman, our organization has teams that are formed by architects, engineers and technicians. Thus, a Klasik Mermer that can provide project support and simultaneously operate on 15-20 projects in terms of operation, production, manufacturing and assembly is born.

While retaining our belief on the marble’s reliable and magical structure, our biggest aim is to achieve projects that are assertive and distinguished.

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